7 Easy Ways On How To Remove Adhesive From Walls Without Damaging The Paint

Art decals, stick-on picture frames, and sticker posters are all aesthetically pleasing. But you know what isn't? The sticky goo left behind when you remove them. Not only does it damage the paint underneath, but it's also a nightmare to get rid of. So how exactly can you remove adhesive without damaging the paint on your walls?

Well, that's simple! Just follow any one of the tips mentioned in this blog, and tada! No more icky residue to worry about.

How to Remove Adhesive Without Damaging Paint

As annoying as it is, removing adhesive isn't all that hard. Whether it's because of double-sided tape or some form of glue, you can scrub it all off with the right amount of care and precision. That, too, without scratching away the paint on your walls.

What you need to remember before you begin, though, is that slow and steady wins the race. Yanking off a sticker or an object glued to the wall will only lead to more stickiness. But, as long as you handle it with patience, you can remove the residue and leave the surface smooth.

Moreover, it's important to identify the kind of adhesive you're trying to remove. This will help you better understand what method will work best. For instance, is the residue because of tape? Blu tack? or PVC cement?

Nonetheless, once you know what the adhesive is, it's time to try the following tips:

1. Scrape it off
Slowly try to scrape the adhesive remains off. You can either use your nails or a flat scraper tool to pry a corner off.

2. Use Warm Water + Dish Soap
Warm, soapy water works wonders for disbanding the glue. Simply dissolve a little bit of dish soap in a bowl of warm water and then gently scrub off the sticky residue.

3. Apply Friction
If gentle prying doesn't work, you can use friction. While applying pressure, rub your fingers in a circular motion on the adhesive until tiny balls form. Then just scrape them off with your nails, and you're good to go.

4. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is nothing, if not a miracle. Be careful, though. If you apply too much, it could stain the walls. To prevent this, only use a tiny bit of oil to scrub away the adhesive and then quickly wipe it off so nothing remains.

5. Melt it Away
Heat is yet another great way to wipe the adhesive away. You can either use a heat gun or a hair dryer on its highest setting to melt the glue. Once it's melted, quickly wipe it off with a textured cloth.

6. Rubbing Alcohol
Only use this in dire circumstances, as there is a chance that using too much rubbing alcohol can chip away the paint. Nonetheless, you can use acetone or nail polish remover too. Just dab it on a cotton ball and use that to scrub away the sticky residue.

7. Sand it Down
If all else fails and the adhesive remains are far too strong, you can opt for sanding it down. Take some sandpaper and cut a small piece off it before rubbing it in circles on the residue. When it flakes off, use a cloth to dust away whatever else remains.

What's The Takeaway?

All in all, there are many ways on how to remove adhesive without damaging the paint. But what matters most is how you tackle the problem. As long as you treat it with patience, the residue will come right off, minus the paint. Nevertheless, for more information and expert opinions, contact Kwikze Paint at (281) 407-0502.