Benjamin Moore Paint Grades: Your Perfect Choice!

Benjamin Moore is a name in the market that needs no introduction. It is basically the dream paint amongst the enthusiasts. It has gained wild popularity, and rightly so, because of its affordability and the different grades that it offers.

Benjamin Moore Paint Grades

Benjamin Moore Paint Grades has multiple to offer, like the advanced paint option; however, the question remains, what is the difference? Well, each one has slightly changed application, along with pros and cons.

The collection of Benjamin Moore includes Aura, Ben, Regal, and Advance. All of Benjamin Moore Paint Grades have distinct and unique features. Therefore, you can find the one which suits your painting project.

Every variant or Benjamin Moore Paint Grades has distinct finishes as well. Few paint variants already have a primer incorporated in them; this helps cut down extra steps of the entire process.

Not only this, but you can choose among the thousands of other variants available as well, such as the best Benjamin Moore gray paint colors, or two others, namely, Simply White and Hale Navy.

It actually does not matter which one you go for because almost every variant has low-VOC interior paint. This ensures that the paints would not release solvent pigments in the air when drying. Moreover, this greatly minimizes the odor hence making the painting experience not troublesome.

If you are searching for a class apart paint for your interior, Benjamin Moore is the best choice. Let’s discuss about the Benjamin Moore Paint Grades in detail for your better understanding.

Benjamin Moore Aura Paint

Starting from the top, the variant “Aura” is Benjamin Moore’s premium paint and the most expensive option from the entire collection. The technology used in production is the latest and state of the art, giving superior results.

Benjamin Moore Aura is a well-known variant due to its high/ full coverage. This means that you will not need to put multiple coats on; just a few would do as compared to others.

This characteristic comes in handy, particularly if your project includes painting a large area such as a mansion wall.

Benjamin Moore Aura Paint is available in multiple finishes like these mentioned below:
  • Eggshell
  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Semi-gloss
  • It is low-VOC

Aura Bath and Spa

In this edition, Aura Bath and Spa is specially designed for humid and steamy environments, making it mildew resistant.

Along with that, low VOC makes the paint ideal for small spaces such as a bathroom. This variant is only available in a matte finish, and manages to get perfection with respect to covering imperfections. Moreover, lesser coats seal the imperfections, which in turns means less money.

Additionally, it is relatively easy to clean and does not fade away, keeping it good as new for a longer span of time. Just like other Benjamin Moore paints, this one is a combination of paint and primer, which ultimately Cuts Down Extra Steps.

Regal Select

It is an acrylic variant paint from Benjamin Moore’s mid-range offering with respect to cost and is particularly designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Just like the two mentioned above, primer and paint are present in one product. This ensures higher efficiency in functionality.

Multiple finishes such as Matte, Flat, Eggshell, Pearl, and Semi-gloss are available in this paint variant. The good news is that it comes with a stain releasing technology, making cleaning ultimately more manageable.

Therefore, the paint is ideal for high-traffic areas such as a kitchen which needs frequent cleaning.

Benjamin Moore Advanced Paint

The premium Benjamin Moore Advanced Paint is great for places such as doors and cabinets. An advance variant is available in multiple Satin, Matte, Semi-glossy, and High glossy finishes; moreover, it has interior and exterior versions as well.

The resistance to stain goes higher as the sheen goes up. Advanced paint formula is water based, making it easily cleanable without the use of solvents during the process.

This paint has a furniture-like finish when drying up, giving it excellent coverage. It is convenient and easy to apply.

The matte finish variant is suitable for painting walls. However, make sure to avoid it when it comes to painting cabinets. However, you should know that this finish is not washable.

Therefore, we would not recommend this paint for areas that are more susceptible to stain, such as the kitchen. On the other hand, a satin finish is perfect for cabinets if luster is not preferable.

It is quite challenging to make water-based paint that has a durable finish. Oil-based versions are widely popular for the quality and durability they provide.

However, such paints do release VOCs while they dry up. Moreover, it is difficult to remove them off surfaces as you need solvents to get rid of the stains.

Still, you must know that this option is not really a paint plus primer combination like other variants in the Benjamin Moore collection. One advantage despite of no primer is that you don’t have to spend time searching for a perfect one for paint specifically. Primer coat application is a crucial step in the process since it provides durability and ensures the color does not differ after some time.


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