5 Bewitching Ceiling Paint Color Trends You Must Check

Are you shifting into a new house or revamping your old one? Exploring ideas for adding a pop to your place can be challenging. After all, there are so many options at your disposal! Have you tried looking from a different angle, possibly upwards, at the ceiling? You might not have thought of it, but painting your ceiling can really spice up your property's interior. So if you can't decide what to go for, read our blog to learn about different ceiling paint color trends to make the right choice.

What are Some Ceiling Paint Color Trends?

There are multiple ceiling colors that can complement the aesthetics of your home. Modern or timeless, classic or edgy, here are some trends that you might want to consider:

1. Pure White
If you're someone who leans towards neutral, romantic, and lighter tones – white might be what you're looking for. Whether you want to paint the bedroom, living room, dining room, or kitchen, white is least likely to fail you. Moreover, you can paint your walls the same shade for an enchanting, snowy look as well!

The best part: light tones make your space look cooler, larger, and higher. And what's lighter than white?

2. Dark Green
White isn't your piece of cake? Perhaps, you'd prefer a darker shade? If you're in the mood for a bohemian or earthy vibe, try going for deep or dark green hues. They look best with wooden, earthy, and matte white combos, among many others. Try visualizing how it would look with your furniture and if it goes with the interior. If yes, then don't hesitate to brush your ceiling green! Maybe if you're trying a combo, dark green walls would enhance your style more. The choice is yours!

3. Smokey Sky Blue
If you're looking for lighter ceiling color trends that are not white, check out shades of gray, possibly with blue undertones. The gray with subtle blue undertones would look excellent for a classic and simple look. This mesmerizing shade adds coolness to your area. On top of that, it'll complement any space you paint it on!

4. Light Pink
Are you a true romantic? A light pink shade is a perfect choice! It adds that romantic charm and looks alluring enough you'll feel like you're living in a fantasy. In addition, you can decorate the space to match the romantic aesthetic. This will make your space look like you teleported into a fantasy world where fairies live. The light pink surely adds a magical touch of romance.

5. Black
If you can go for pure whites and blush pinks, you can go for a bold black too. Some might find black bold and intimidating, but in truth: black is a statement. It is perfect for creating a dramatic effect, making everyone's jaw drop. So if you're willing to take the risk of showcasing your power, go for black. However, reconsider black if you prefer light and airy ceiling paint color trends.

What Should I Do?

If you're looking for ceiling paint color trends, you have many options to explore. From pure whites to pinks to black – you'll find one that suits your taste. Kwikze Paint is here to paint your dreams into a reality. Dial (281) 407-0502 to contact us.