5 Fantastic Tray Ceiling Paint Ideas You Can Consider

Nowadays, everyone jumps in on the trend to make their house stand out. And why not? If it's where you're going to live, it should look how you want. So if you went with a tray ceiling to add some drama to the top of your house, you might have more options to explore. While there are many ornaments and lighting options to light up the ceiling, many go for painting. So carry on reading to explore some tray ceiling paint ideas that'll help add a pop of color to your property.

What Are Some Tray Ceiling Paint Ideas?

The tray ceiling looks like an upside-down tray. It doesn't sound very charming when we put it like that, but it can boost the wow factor of your room. What's better is that you can experiment with colors to be more creative. Here are some tray ceiling paint ideas that you might want to consider:

1. Paint The Tray Walls
A fun way to enhance your tray ceiling is by painting the tray walls. It adds a layer without making your roof look like it's lower. Instead, it animates the room by giving it depth and adding a bit of boldness. You can play with colors even more by painting the tray walls the same color as your room walls.

2. Consider Deeper Tones
Another way you can dress up your tray walls is by adding a deeper tone. Keep the rest of the color palette on the lighter side. You can have fun by painting the tray ceiling in a darker tone than the rest of the room, making it the final point. If you have a tray ceiling, why not play with the paint ideas?

3. Try an Earthy Hue
Add an earthy hue to bring nature inside. You can contrast it perfectly with the furniture and the walls. Plus, if you have a patterned wallpaper that matches the natural aesthetic, earthy paint colors might be just what your property's interior needs.

4. White Ceiling with Colored Walls
Did you choose a darker shade for your walls? No worries, as you can simply pick a white paint color for your tray ceiling. It will make the area look airy and add the contrasting simplicity your room needs. In addition, the white might help your walls stand out even more while looking pretty soothing. You might want to consider this, especially for your bathroom ceilings. If you pick the right colors, you can make it work!

5. Match it with The Fireplace
Among the many tray ceiling paint ideas, you might be interested in matching the color with your fireplace. Picking the same color for your tray ceiling and fireplace will add cohesion to the family room, making it look grand and unique. Consider this for a creative and outstanding way to color your tray ceiling.

Looking for the Best Paint Colors?

In conclusion, there are numerous tray ceiling paint ideas you can explore. From matching tray walls to the room's walls to matching your ceiling to the fireplace, you've got much room to explore. Kwikze Paint has the best colors you can check out for your house. Dial (281) 407-0502 for more information.