October Mist 1495 - Benjamin Moore Color of The Year 2022

Benjamin Moore has dropped its latest ranking for the year 2022, and guess who is at the top? Well, give a round of applause to October Mist 1495 on being featured as the color of the year 2022.

Let's see what Benjamin Moore says about its color of the year 2022: “This gently shaded sage quietly anchors a space while encouraging individual expression through color.”

But why was this chosen? The answer lies in its theme. It promotes peace and harmony while keeping it shining on vibrant individuality.

What Colors Other Than October Mist By Benjamin Moore Made It To the 2022 List?

All of the variants greatly blend together while standing tall on their own. The following brands were included in this year’s list:

  • October Mist 1495
  • Mysterious AF 565
  • The - hint of Violet 2114-60
  • Morning Dew OC-140
  • High Park 467
  • Collector’s Item AF-45
  • Venetian Portico AF-185
  • Wild Flower 2090-40
  • Pale Moon OC-108
  • Steam AF-15
  • Fernwood Green 2145-40
  • Quiet Moments 1563
  • Natural Linen 966
  • Gloucester Sage HC-100

Benjamin Moore wants homeowners to channel their creativity and inspire the world through color and vision.

How to Select the Right Colors for Your Home?

The color selection tops the list when selecting paint for your home or any other project. Other than that, there are several other factors to consider, like:

The Type of Paint According To Your Vision

Before you decide to buy the paint, think about the type of paint you’ll need according to your vision.

While the paint variants may seem the same to you, they are definitely not. Therefore, knowing the difference between oil-based and water-based paint is essential. It not only saves time but money as well in the long run.

Other than type, you must learn how to apply the paint on the walls or your canvas. Some paints require special brushes to get the finish you are looking for, or you may spend more money.

Clear Vision Of The Outcome

You must know exactly what you want to use the room for. Is this a comfy bedroom or a home office? Select stimulating and motivating colors for the latter. Whereas if it's a bedroom, choose more relaxing colors.

Your color choice should depict the function of your space in an aesthetic way.

Consider Upkeep and Foot Traffic

One of the most important things when choosing a color for your particular room, keep in mind its maintenance throughout the next few years or so.

If your room has more workers, colors like brown will look the best when it is exposed to dirt, dust, and grime.

On the other hand, if the room is supposed to have high foot traffic, it is likely to see more knicks and bruises. Therefore, always remember the higher the sheen, the easier it is to clean.

Final Words

If you want are intrigued and want to know more variants available in the Benjamin Moore collection, you can always head down to Kwikze Paints. We are authorized sellers. One stop to access all the varieties it has to offer. Call now at (281) 407-0502 to know more.