Which Option Is Better To Go For From Benjamin Moore - Regal Select or Aura?

If you are reading this blog, take it as a sign to revamp your house for the holiday season. Let's treat those lifeless walls and paint them over; Benjamin Moore is the best you can give them. But which one to choose? Regal Select vs Aura from the Benjamin Moore collection. Let's discuss the difference between these two.

How are Both Regal Select and Aura Different From Other Paints?

Before diving into the clear difference between these two types, you should know what makes them stand out amongst regular paints.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select and Aura paints are water-based and have proprietary Gennex Color Technology. This formula is different from regular ones. It is a technology that eliminates many chemicals that cause dullness in the color hues.

Other than that, Benjamin Moore paints, specifically Regal Select and Aura paints, including primer. This makes the application easier.

Both paint variants are mildew-resistant and dry up pretty fast. Thai quality comes in handy, as they require just two coats to work.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select vs Aura - 11 Differences

Volume Solids

One of the most important aspects of paint selection often gets overlooked. The "volume solids" percentage refers to the amount remaining after the paint dries.

The higher the solid volume of paint, the more ideal it is. This means that a notable amount of pigment and binder will be left behind once the water and carrier ingredients evaporate.

Aura vs regal select has more number of dried pigments which is why its leaves behind richer and higher durability paint results.


Regal Select is available in both a matte and pearl finish, while Aura is only available in a matte finish.

Regal Select finish options:
  • Interior – Matte, Flat, Eggshell, Pearl, and Semi-Gloss
  • Exterior – Flat, Low-Luster, and Soft Gloss - No pearl
Aura paint finish options:
  • Interior – Matte, Satin, Eggshell, and Semi-Gloss
  • Exterior – Flat, Low-Luster, Satin, and Semi-Gloss


Regal Select has a slightly higher coverage rate, with approximately 400 square feet per gallon for the matte finish and 350 square feet per gallon for the pearl finish. Aura has a coverage rate of approximately 350 square feet per gallon.

Aura is thicker, and that is why it can be spread more compared to Regal Select.

Color Lock

One of the head-turning technologies which Benjamin Moore takes advantage of is the Color Lock - a major marketing edge for the Aura paint line.

The best part is that this feature is exclusively for Aura, which means no other variant like regal select can best it.

Color Lock is a pigment-based technology that evidently "locks" color into the layer of paint, making the tone rich and more intense.

Stain Release Technology

Here's an advantage of Regal Select paint of Benjamin Moore is that it uses exclusive stain release technology for it. This makes regal select paint stain-resistant and easier to clean vs. Aura.


Both Regal Select and Aura are very durable paints, but Aura is known for being particularly long-lasting and resistant to fading and chipping.


VOCs or volatile organic compounds are chemicals added as an adjunct to the paint. Regal Select from Benjamin Moore has lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs); therefore, have fewer negative health effects than Aura.

VOCs, upon inhalation, cause the following symptoms:

  • dizziness
  • headaches
  • possible carcinogens (cancer-producing compounds)

Color Selection

Both have a wide range of colors available, but Aura has a slightly larger selection, with over 3,500 colors to choose from.

Drying time

Regal Select has a slightly longer drying time than Aura, with a recommended wait time of 2-4 hours between coats compared to 1-2 hours for Aura.


Both types are applicable with a brush, roller, or sprayer, but Aura is known for having a smoother application and better coverage when sprayed.


Regal Select is generally a bit less expensive than Aura. You will see around 30% more price per gallon for Aura than Regal Select.

Final Words

Both the variants from Benjamin Moore are worth the money and praise. They are long-lasting and will not cause trouble for a long time. Why don't you head down to Kwikze Paints to select your color? We are authorized dealers who promise to provide nothing but the best.