Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore - Which One Costs More?

Are you struggling between benjamin Moore vs. Sherwins Willaims to decide which paint is best for your house remodeling job? Well, worry no more this blog is here to end your misery. We will help you decide which option is better with respect to various factors like quality, costs, etc.

Which Is The Best? Benjamin Moore Vs. Sherwin Williams

Amongst the two, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore - by a slight margin, the crown goes to Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore paint takes the lead if we look at the features like paint quality, durability, ease of application, and coverage.

Their indoor paint variant, Regal Select, is the best choice available on the market. Similarly, Benjamin Moore's acrylic exterior variants, such as Aura, are expensive but worth the dent in your pocket.

However, comparing the paint quality standpoint, both are nearly equal. To sum up, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin William both have individual standing. Especially when compared to other brands like Behr, Valspar, etc.

Cost Comparison Between Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams

Benjamin Moore has the upper hand in terms of quality, which is why it costs slightly more than Sherwin-Williams house paint.

Both manufacturers have multiple lines of interior and exterior paint, such as Cashmere, Emerald, or Duration. So, on average, a gallon of Sherwin Williams paint is USD 53 vs. USD 57 of Benjamin Moore.

Fortunately, Sherwin-Williams has a variant known as Superpaint, which is the best balance of price and quality.

Location of The Paint Stores

Where can you find Benjamin Moore paints? Who sells them?

You can have easy access to all variants of Benjamin Moore from Kwikze paints. We are authorized dealers, and our store is conveniently located at 7918 Fry Road, Cypress, TX.

Color Matching Properties of Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams

You must know that Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore share formulae. This means that they can easily match each other's hues if need be.

Still, it is best not to mix up the two and keep your color choice and retailer the same to reduce the risk of mismatched shades.

Professional Painters' Pick

This debate will never end. Some professional painters use Sherwin-Willaims, while others go for Benjamin Moore paint products.

As a matter of fact, half of the painting professionals want Benjamin Moore's Regal Select line as it's their favorite paint.


Honestly, both options, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams are great paints to work with. It is a fact that Sherwin-Williams is cheaper per gallon; however, due to its finish, you may need to buy more of it.

However, the final call is yours. It is up to you and the kind of results you are expecting them to give. We can set you up for a detailed discussion about your painting needs with experts from Kwikze Paints. They will help you decide the best amongst the two according to your painting situation.

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