Should You upgrade to Sherwin Williams?

Painting is an integral part of changing the aesthetics of the house. It is a long-term investment that enhances the curb appeal, as well as protects the walls. Nowadays, the most common ones available are Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paints, so which one is a better choice?

Which One Should You Choose – Sherwin Williams Vs. Benjamin Moore?

By the looks of it, our stance is that amongst Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, the latter wins by a slight margin. The conclusion is not biased; the pros were weighed in terms of quality, coverage, and application ease of the paint.

In all aspects, Benjamin Moore paint colors took the lead. Still, there is no absolute black and white, right or wrong, here. You can choose either Sherwin Williams or Ben Moore. If we talk about purity and quality, they are somewhat equivalent. However, the real game lies in the cost; both have variants, from better ones to premium, priced differently.

Professionals Word

After talking to various professional workers, they say it’s more like comparing Coca-Cola vs Pepsi. Some prefer one over the other, the same goes for these top-notch painting brands.

Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore Cost Analysis

Benjamin Moore paints cost somewhat more as compared to Sherwin Williams house paint. It is a known fact in the painting market that both variants carry exquisite lines of the interior as well as exterior paints such as Emerald, Cashmere, or Duration. On average, a gallon of paint from Sherwin Williams is USD 53, whereas USD 57 is for Benjamin Moore paint.

However, Sherwin-Williams has an edge; it has a Superpaint option, made exclusively to deal with and balance the price and quality of any paint. As compared to regular lines, Superpaint is on the market for around USD 48 each gallon for consumers.

Paint Store Locations

Unfortunately, Benjamin Moore suffers a great deal in this regard. It is a glaring weakness against Sherwin Williams. It mainly depends on your house location, but still, it is quite a task to find a store that sells Benjamin Moore paint. This is because Benjamin Moore’s paints distribution is through independent retailers such as Ace Hardware or JCLicht hardware stores. On the other hand, Sherwin-Williams owns and manages retail storefronts on its own.

However, the issue does not end here. Even if you find a Benjamin Moore paint store in your area, independent retailers do not offer all product lines; the situation is quite different.

Unfortunately, the problematic availability is mostly the deciding factor when it comes to choosing between Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Deciding to start the painting journey and having to end up from door to door in different shops just to get paint, I’d instead choose the one which is available.

It does no matter if you are a regular painter or a homeowner/maker, the availability of the paint at the store is a major concern and a key factor when making a choice.

Painting is not a one-day job. You will need to stop by the store quite a number of times for touchup gallons or in case there is spillage or inadequacy. Still, it is much better to choose a storefront nearby.

Color Matching Abilities between Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams

Moreover, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have a shared formula; therefore, they can match with each other’s colors easily if needed. Still, it is best to keep the color choice and retailer along with the brand same to minimize the risk of mismatched colors and further lingering consequences.

Final Words

To sum it up, both variants, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams, are apt paint options. However, Sherwin is cheaper per gallon; still, you may require to buy more; hence the price is not that changed on average. But, Benjamin Moore's application takes the lead. However, the choice is actually up to you, according to your feasibility. If you live in Cypress, TX, do not worry. Benjamin Moore Paint Store In Cypress has everything you will need.

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