What Are The Top 10 Benjamin Moore Gray Paint Colors?

Are you on the run to find the perfect shade of gray paint for your space? Well, this blog might just be what you need. Gray is an evergreen and versatile color that has the potential to transform any space - but the decision-making is overwhelming with so many shades to choose from. So, here's a guide to finding the best paint from Benjamin Moore's gray collection for your house.

10 Variants from Benjamin Moore Gray Color Collection

This blog has divided the 10 shades into two categories for your convenience. Let's first get on with mid to darker shades.

Mid to Dark Benjamin Moore Gray Paint

  • Stonington Gray
  • Wish
  • London Fog
  • Revere Pewter
  • Coventry Gray

Let's take a look at each one by one.

Stonington Gray – Benjamin Moore HC-170

Stonington Gray has an undertone of blue earth. Therefore, if you have envisioned a grayish-blue hue, this might be the most suitable fit. The best part is that its undertone is more on the cold side. Painting your kitchen cabinets is another fantastic choice.

Wish – Benjamin Moore AF-680

Wish is on the lighter grey side, set up by Benjamin Moore. It has a warm undertone and largely works as a neutral grey paint color. You may also see it named greige due to its combination of grey and yellow.

London Fog – Benjamin Moore 1541

It is one of the grays that look aesthetically pleasing on the kitchen cabinets. London Fog is on the lighter side of the mid-toned scale for grays. You will get an undertone of brown in broad daylight.

Light Gray Paint Colors From Benjamin Moore

  • Silver Satin
  • Gray Cloud
  • Gray Owl
  • Edgecomb Gray

Silver Satin – Benjamin Moore OC-26

Silver Satin is a considerably softer shade of gray, to the extent that it almost looks off-white. This shade can be depicted as warm gray with a hint of purple undertone describes. This would be a fantastic option for a home office paint color.

Gray Cloud – Benjamin Moore 2126-60

If you are searching for peace and calm, Gray Cloud from Benjamin Moore is your best bet. Under suitable lighting, this cool-toned gray paint hue appears to be nearly ice blue.

The standard temperatures of north-facing rooms are chilly, and the tone is blue. Therefore, expect blue tones if you use BM Gray Cloud in such an area.

Gray Owl – Benjamin Moore OC-52

Neither a cool nor warm undertone? Well, we still have your back. The Gray Owl Benjamin Moore gray is very versatile and a perfect blend of both undertones.

Gray Owl performs best in spaces with minimal natural light. The more natural light there is in your space, the colder this Benjamin Moore grey will appear.

Edgecomb Gray – Benjamin Moore HC-173

Edgecomb Gray is one of the warm-toned beauties from the Benjamin Moore paint club. It is a little lighter than Revere pewter; however, still enough to work in any environment.

Which is Better - Warm or Cool Gray Paint?

Depends on your lighting.
West-facing rooms take advantage of warmer grays, whilst south-facing receiving more sunlight, benefit from cold grays.

Closing Note

All in all, you can count on Benjamin Moore's Gray collection to fit any kind of your need. Do you want it light or dark? We have it all! Drop by our shop, Kwikze Paints, to have a look at the samples and get you going.