Transforming the Space: Our Recommendations to Choose the Best Shade of White

Do you want to take a break from all the colors in your room? While vibrant walls breathe some life into the house, they can be pretty overwhelming. So if you want to switch the vibe, you can always go for lighter colors. And what color is better than white? With the many shades and undertones, you can come across plenty of paint options that meet your requirements.

In this blog, we will give our top picks to transform your space into a completely different and unique portion of the house. So, carry on reading to become familiar with our favorite white paints!

White Paints That Will Transform Your Space

When you hear of painting your room white, you might be thinking of a plain and boring look — but just because it is white, the paint does not have to be dull! In fact, white pants can appear quite attractive. Plus, its ever-green classiness never runs out of style. By choosing a white shade, you can turn the space into an elegant, simple, and beautiful area.

But which white paint should you go for? Here are our favorite white paints to transform your space:

Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore
Chantilly lace by Benjamin Moore is a shade of pure white, which designers prefer due to its compatibility with other materials. This particular shade does not have any undertones, making it a safe option to work with. In addition, your space will transform into a crisp and clean white — the kind of silky white that belongs to much simpler times.

Chalk White by Benjamin Moore
Did you know there are many variants of the shade white? Chalk White by Benjamin Moore, for instance, is a sleek and polished white with a hint of blue-gray. This shade of white will enliven any space with its bold tones and extraordinary hue. When you are in a space with Chalk White color, you can reminisce about the peaceful yet chaotic atmosphere that thunder and rainfall bring forth. This way, you can feel much closer to nature, to the calm before the storm — to life.

Decorator's White by Benjamin Moore
Whether you need to paint your walls, floors, or ceilings, Benjamin Moore has the perfect solution for you: Decorator's White. This crisp blend enhances the space, transforming it into a clean and polished area. The warm undertones, too, add a welcoming feel to the room. When you choose this shade of white, you can rest assured that your guests will be wowed.

Simply White by Benjamin Moore
If you do not prefer bold or warm undertones, you can keep it simply white. Benjamin Moore Simply White is much more than a shade; it tells the story of the first snowfall — a clean white that never fails. You can use this perennial white color for trims, walls as well as ceilings.

White River by Benjamin Moore
White River is a classic, timeless painting by Benjamin Moore. Regardless of the time, you can apply to White River, and it will not let you down. Allow yourself to drown in the elegant, lasting color and transform your space into something wonderful.


In short, there are many beautiful shades of white you can choose from. Pick the right shader and transform your space! Benjamin Moore has a white range of white shades — you are bound to find what you are looking for.

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