What Is The Perfect Gray Color To Paint Your House?

Dark clouds, gray skies, and a gloomy atmosphere —- that’s how most people perceive the color gray to be. But what if we told you that gray paint is all the rage these days? It’s the perfect neutral shade. One that rivals white to its core. However, picking out the perfect tone of gray can be a little tricky.

While some gray paints have a cool undertone, others are on the warmer side. Ultimately, it depends on the project, the vibe, and the atmosphere you want to ignite. Whether it’s for a paint refresh or a new trim coating, if there is one gray that can suit it all, it’s Benjamin Moore Misty Gray. To learn more about this color and how you can utilize it in the best way possible, keep reading this blog.

What Color is Misty Gray?

Misty Gray is a warm, refreshing shade of Gray from Benjamin Moore’s paint collection. Rather than being dull and dreary, the color is on the vibrant side. It has a light reflectance value (LRV) of 80.58, which is much closer to the encompassing rays of white than a compact black.

Benjamin Moore Misty Gray is a timeless color. When painted in the house, it evokes a comforting feeling, making it look extremely natural. Not to mention, it’s the type of color that suits everything. Wooden floorboards? Mahogany furniture? Modern metallic accessories? Misty Gray is the most versatile shade of Gray paint out there.

What Is The Most Popular Benjamin Moore Gray Color?

Misty Gray is by far one of the most popular Benjamin Moore gray colors. Although there are other alternatives, they have a specific undertone that may or may not work with the atmosphere you’re envisioning.

For instance, Thundercloud Gray is a deeper, cooler shade of gray. At the same time, Bunny Gray has a tint of blue that pulls forth a feather-like visage, and Distant Gray is a mixture of blue and gray, with a higher concentration of bright white paint.

Gray: The Perfect Neutral

As long as you use gray paint in certain areas, with proper strategies set in place, it can work in your favor. Misty Gray is a color that blends really well with all sorts of atmospheres which is why you can use it for anything.

The cool tint in the paint mix is perfect for stabilizing areas that project more yellowish or reddish light. This includes furniture and flooring. Plus, the versatility of gray is at its peak when layered with a richer, more vibrant color.

It is best to paint areas that have low light with Misty Gray, especially if you’re going for a contrast wall, as that will attract more light and help it bounce off the surface. To add a chic touch, you can paint the opposite wall with a more condensed, darker color to bring out the accented features.

Paint Your Room With GRAY-t Style!

To sum it up, Benjamin Moore Misty Gray is the ultimate shade for brightening up your space. No matter what vibe you’re going for, this chic shade will cast a soft glow over the room, bringing out its best attributes. So, what are you waiting for? Contact Kwikze Paint today at (281) 407-0502 to order your bucket of paint before we run out! You can also come to visit us at 7918 Fry Road, Cypress, TX 77433, United States.