What is The Ultimate Benjamin Moore Paint Grade?

With summer just beginning, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your house with renovations and touch-ups. But if you’re on a budget, painting the walls is the best way to brighten your living space. This may seem simple, but nowadays, the trend is to embrace vibrant colors and dramatic designs. All it takes is a little bit of careful planning and choosing the perfect paint level to uplift your rooms from dreary to summer-ready.

And that’s where Benjamin Moore comes in. Known for their high-quality paint grades and excellent finish, they have the perfect combination of paints. Plus, depending on the total budget and what you’re looking for, you can choose from various paint levels. But the question is, what is the best Benjamin Moore paint level, and can you get it at an affordable price? To find out, continue reading this blog.

Benjamin Moore Paint Grades

Benjamin Moore has a diverse range of paint levels ranging from basic coverage to high-end, premium coating. Take a look below to learn more about the differences in these paint levels.
  1. Super Hide
    Used for regular touch-ups, Super Hide is a great paint grade. It’s inexpensive and perfect for those looking for a temporary cover-up. Typically Super Hide is regarded as builder’s grade as it is used for low-quality projects. But if you’re looking for no commitment, then this is a good paint level to experiment with.
  2. Super Spec
    Next up is Super Spec. Think of it as Super Hide but with an improved formula. It’s a bit more solid and durable than its predecessor but, thankfully, is just as affordable. Super Spec was first introduced as a paint level for commercial use, targeted especially toward those who weren’t as focused on quality, cost, or durability.
  3. Regal
    Much like its name, regal paint grade is majestic in all ways possible. Before AURA was introduced, Regal was considered the best paint grade of Benjamin Moore. The formula for this paint level keeps enhancing, with changes being made left and right. Because of this, it has numerous finishes, ranging from flat, eggshell, pearl, matte, semi-gloss, and high-gloss.
  4. AURA
    Finally, we have AURA, Benjamin Moore’s famous, most pigmented paint grade available. It offers durability, is environmentally safe, and doesn’t have that strong, pungent paint smell. Plus, since it’s so rich in color, you don’t even need to prime the walls beforehand! A single coat of Benjamin Moore AURA paint is all it takes to transform the space, be it inside or outside. Not to mention, due to its popularity, you can get any finish you want with the same formula.

What is The Best Benjamin Moore Paint Level?

Even though all of Benjamin Moore’s paints are wonderful on their own, there is, however, one paint grade that comes up on top: AURA.

When talking about quality, AURA is a line that offers various benefits. It’s rich in color and doesn’t require a primer or more than two coats to get the job done. You can also use it wherever you want without having to worry about the paint peeling off or fading away. It’s long-lasting and the perfect choice for your project.

Embrace The Colors!

All Benjamin Moore paint grades stand out, but when it comes to deciding the best Benjamin Moore paint level, AURA wins, hands down. To get your fair share of Benjamin Moore Paint, contact Kwikze Paint today at (281) 407-0502 or visit 7918 Fry Road, Cypress, TX 77433, United States, for more information.

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