Can You Use Spray Paint On A Fabric?

Fabric painting is becoming increasingly popular and easily rejuvenates the object it is subjected to. Spray painting on fabric, in particular, is quick and easy; let's have a look at some common types of fabrics that one can spray paint on.

Can You Spray Paint Fabric?

If you are a newbie, starting point determination requires a good thought process. Yes, you can spray paint on fabric easily. Color options are dynamic; you will always have something new, vibrant tones up in the market.

You must know that there are some fabrics that adapt in a better manner to spray paint than others. Therefore, research your material first before starting the project.

Moreover, texture plays a huge role too. Fabric texture responds to the spray paint. Some paints may turn a soft fabric hard. So, always do your homework well, i.e., spray coverage information.

Which Fabric Is Easily Spray Painted?
Pure Cotton – 100%

Spray paint on natural materials such as cotton is an ideal fabric. Pure cotton has strength, is breathable, and is fairly easy to work with.

Cotton fabric is available in different weights. So, whether you change the color of shoes, clothing, or even furniture, spray painting cotton is pretty easy.

Additionally, since this fabric can wrinkle, it is useful to make some effects, such as tie and die,


Polycotton fabric is a perfect blend of polyester with cotton. This polyester-cotton mixture has a ratio of 50/50 or 30/70 combination. They are better at resisting creases and thus require less ironing.

The blended mesh can alter the ability to absorb paint. Also, making it more susceptible to heat damage. Both of these are an issue when it comes to spray paint.


Wool a natural fiber fabric that one can easily spray paint. However, there is a catch, any color present on it initially may bleed into your new color.

But every problem has a solution; if you take the dark color out first, you might not face this issue. However, work on a patch test, a small area, to see the kind of effect the original wool color will have on your required shade.


Silk is one of the easiest fabrics to deal with in terms of color absorption. There are quite a few methods to paint silk fabrics. But, most techniques are not "spray paint" ones. If you have special silk paint, the possibilities for creating a unique design are endless.

Although we would say, rather than trying spray paint on silk fabric, for an all-over color change, a dye would be better for use. Silk is a heat-sensitive material, and many spray paints need heat to set them in. Heat will not treat silk well.


Linen mimics cotton in many ways. It is a woven fabric produced from natural fibers with the same ability to wrinkle. Linen is extensively absorbent, making it one of the best fabrics to paint. Whether it is on clothes or furniture, spray painting on linen is easy and effective.