Benjamin Moore Paint Grades Explained

If you are inquisitive and a paint enthusiast, we understand why Benjamin Moore is your favorite. It is durable, easy to apply, and very affordable. These qualities have taken this paint brand where it is and has now become a common choice for DIY projects. In this blog, we have explained the paint grades of Benjamin Moore for better understanding.

How Many paint grades Are Available for Benjamin Moore?

Benjamin Moore has many variants, which include:

  • Aura
  • Regal
  • Ben
  • Advance as top parts of their collection.

Every grade of Benjamin Moore paint explained here has unique features to cater to your selective needs with different finishes. What tears them apart is the addition of certain components that give different results.


Aura is one of Benjamin Moore's premium collections, so it is bound to have taste and is expensive from the lot. However, the price is justified because of the kind of quality they have. The paint is dense and hence requires fewer coats.

If you are a frequent painter, it's easy to understand the thickness differences between paints. Along with that, the viscosity of the paint offers brilliantly full coverage and no splatter or drip as compared t other paints.

An added advantage of AURA is that this paint consists of a primer and is created with Genex colors, resulting in a fade-resistant variant; the UV-protecting components help in evading fading.

As explained earlier, Benjamin Moore, paint grade AURA, is known for its extensive coverage. This means there is no need to apply multiple coats, an important factor if you are painting a large area. Moreover, fewer coats mean less paint requirement hence less cost.


The Aura Bath and Spa is humid friendly addition. It is designed to cater to steamy areas. This variant is naturally made to be mildew resistant. It has low VOC and is ideal for small spaces such as a bathroom. However, the paint is only available in a matte finish. Yet, manages to get perfect coverage with less number of coats and conceals imperfections well. The paint keeps its rich color due to easy cleaning and no fading qualities. Additionally, you will not need more time and application; the Benjamin Moore paint is in combo with the primer to cut down extra steps.


Regal, although named heavy, is a more mid-range offering. It was created for easy cleaning. This one, too, is a mix of primer and paint in one, thus showing higher efficiency. This paint grade, explained by Benjamin Moore, is available in multi finishes such as Flat, Eggshell, Matte, Pearl, etc.

This variant has stain-release technology, making cleaning, not a task and easily manageable. Thus, this paint is thought to be ideal to use in kitchens or high-traffic areas like a lounge that would require frequent cleaning.

Moreover, it has a Semi-gloss finish available that too is mildew resistant.


Lastly, Ben line is Benjamin Moore's most affordable entry-level paint. It's easy to use but gives off superior results; perfect choice for beginners.

But, the affordable variant is not as dense as others mentioned above. This paint will require at least 2 coats to get your project done with a perfect finish.

However, it is a fan favorite due to splatter-resistant technology. So, no worries about a huge mess after the painting job is done. It is a combination of paint and primer, too, making it not a bad choice.

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