Paint It Clear: Are Benjamin Moore Paints Water-based or Oil-based?

With every new season comes a desire to freshly paint your house. In summer, hues of bright oranges, yellows, greens, and pinks are the ultimate choice. On the other hand, winter calls for more muted but deep tones, like royal blue, emerald green, and rich mahogany. Unfortunately, painting the walls in your house is not that easy. Besides picking out the color palette, you also need to make sure the paint grade matches the texture of the walls. And with Benjamin Moore paints, you can achieve the perfect finish.

But how do you decide which paint grade to go with? Is Benjamin Moore Paint water-based or oil-based, and which one is better? — You can find the answers to all your pressing questions right here in this blog, so carry on reading.

Is Benjamin Moore Paint Water-Based or Oil-Based?

The thing about Benjamin Moore paint is that you can get any base you want. Whether it's a lightweight water base or a thicker, more vibrant oil base, Benjamin Moore Paints has got you covered!

With a diverse formula ranging from endless finishes to eco-friendly ingredients, there is much to experiment with. Benjamin Moore's latex and acrylic paints tend to come under the water-based paint category. They provide a long-lasting finish and can be used to paint wide surfaces like walls, ceilings, etc.

At the same time, Benjamin Moore Advance Alkyd Paint is completely oil-based. It helps cover blemishes, removes texture, and offers a smooth finish. You can use the Alkyd variant to give the trims and doors in your house a fun pop of color.

What Is Benjamin Moore Waterborne Alkyd Paint Like?

Benjamin Moore Advance Paint is one of the best paint collections out there, especially its premium line of waterborne alkyd paint. Not only is it oil-based, but its rich formula makes it super easy to clean up. All you need is a little bit of soap and water to get rid of any marks or imprints that may have gotten on the painted surface.

In addition to its mess-free approach, Benjamin Moore Advance Alkyd Paint is quite fun to work with. Since it is splatter-resistant and provides self-leveling, painting with it is like a breeze. Unlike other oil-based paints, the consistency doesn't feel clunky or gooey. If anything, it's light and just the right fit.

Benjamin Moore's Advance Paint: Giving You The Best of Both Worlds

Depending on what part of your house needs a makeover, Benjamin Moore paints are here to deliver. Whether it's a DIY wall-painting session to spruce up your bedroom, or a professional trim upgrade, you can choose from the best of the best formulas.

Although, if you're lost or unable to identify the right formula and base of the paint, don't be afraid to consult a professional. You can get a second opinion on your painting endeavors and get one that works on all ends.

The Final Takeaway

In a nutshell, Benjamin Moore's Paint has a wide selection of paints that include both water-based as well as oil-based formulas. To get amazing deals on Benjamin Moore Paint in Cypress, contact Kwikze Paint today.

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