Raspberry Blush 2008-30 — Benjamin Moore Color of The Year 2023

Think of warm summer nights, stunning skylights, and sharing a comforting glass of wine with your loved one as soothing songs echo in the background. Put all these feelings together — and voila! You’ve got yourself Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2023 on your hands: Raspberry Blush 2008-30.

Described as a vibrant and charismatic color, Raspberry Blush contains deep tones of coral blended with a gentle hue of pink. It has everything you want and more.

What is Benjamin Moore’s Color of The Year Like?

Retro, upbeat, and dynamic, that’s what Raspberry Blush is all about. It invokes a deep feeling within you, infecting you with bouts of positivity and beauty. It’s also super fun to experiment with since it adds a bright pop of color to your room. Although, be careful! The enchanting color might make you want to nibble on the raspberry slushie-themed walls.

Ultimately, Benjamin Moore’s chosen color of the year is a shade that brings together an air of comfort while making you step out of your comfort zone. It’s a paradox; it’s a statement — it’s Raspberry Blush.

Color of The Year 2023 — Runner Ups

If dramatic colors and charismatic hues are not your thing, don’t worry. Benjamin Moore still has a variety of options for you to try. From dark, muted tones to pastel wonderland, we have got you covered. Take a look below to see what colors almost made it to the top:

  • Conch Shell 052
    A dusty pink that exhibits a clean aesthetic.
  • Wenge AF-180
    Rich, deep, and warm, reminiscent of violet-tinted chocolates.
  • Cinnamon 2174-20
    A neutral blush shade with hints of brown.
  • New Age 1444
    A soft gray that represents spirituality and maturity.
  • Starry Night Blue 2067-20
    A luxurious indigo-toned blue that sets the mood for any occasion.
  • North Sea Green 2053-30
    Tuscan beauty of teal and green whipped with a gentle gray.
  • Savannah Green 2150-30
    A gentle reminder of comfort being embodied by a yellow-filled ochre shade.

Different Ways To Utilize Rasberry Blush 2008-30

Raspberry Blush is a color that is made to stand out, which is why pairing it with a bright, saturated hue can help make it more enticing. If you decide to paint your walls and wainscoting with it, then opt for a white or gray tinted shade for the trims and ceiling. You can also enhance the vibrancy of the color with the help of dark onyx furniture.

The beauty of Benjamin Moore’s 2023 Color of the Year is that it offers endless opportunities to mix and match. You can create your dream living or dining room with a sultry and more alluring aesthetic. All that’s left is to take a leap and branch out with Raspberry Blush.

Long Story Short

It’s time to embrace your inner desires and expand your color palette. While neutral tones might be easier to work with, they do not give you the pop of color you need. That is why Benjamin Moore is here to make you try out new things, just like their Color of the Year 2023: Raspberry Blush 2008-30.

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