Want To Paint My Bedroom, Will It Take Time?

Keeping up with the maintenance of the house is as important as just buying one. The duty does not end as soon as the check goes through. You must keep up with the aesthetic needs of the house, which may even make you paint a part of your house! Usually, bedrooms are the first areas to develop the need of getting a paint job. So, how long does it take to paint a room in general?

The answer to this question lies in the grey area; the time is not definitive and depends on quite a few factors. Let's walk through each.

What's The Prep Time to Paint a Room?

A painting job should start off with proper, intensive planning and preparation. If people already live in the room, or if there is furniture there, it is important to lay clothes to catch paint drops; you'll need to tape and cover areas, etc.

In case you consider this step minor or insignificant, get ready to face the mess if you are lucky, or it may result in an ugly paint job at worst. Although prep work takes time, it is necessary for the best results.

Change The Entire Room or Just A Part?

As important as the size is when calculating the entire time span, the surface you are painting matters more. For example, a rugged wall will take more time as opposed to the whole thing.

Application Method

Another thing that matters are the tools and type of paint you'll use. It plays a significant role in deciding how long it will take to paint a room.

The top 3 application are:

  1. Brushing
  2. Rolling
  3. Spraying

Spraying is thought to be the fastest method and is mostly sought for exteriors or industrial surfaces, but not interior rooms.

For residential setups, the professionals opt for brushes and rollers. They are efficient for carrying and painting a room since brushes cut in the edges of walls and trim, whereas rollers quickly cover large open surfaces.

Size of The Room That Needs Painting?

It is understood that painting time is directly linked to room size. Every aspect of the whole job, from preparing to actually going through with painting the area or room, will take time, depending on how much you need to cover.

So, a large room will take more time and vice versa. On average, a bedroom size is about – (according to National Home Builder Association), is 432 square feet.

A mid-level professional painter will take as long as 4 to 6 hours to paint a room of this size, including the cleanup and prep.

Number of Coats

Unless if the paint just needs a little refreshment, it will require no more than one coat. However, painting an entirely new room does need multiple coats. If youa re changing the color, first coat will take long to cover the entire room. On the other hand, second coat will increase density of the color and cover the surface and any imperfections.

If we consider an average room with a mid–level painter, the room will take as long as 45 minutes to 1 hour with the initial coat.

Cleaning and Final Touches

The first step of preparation and final cleaning are both immensely important for a job well done. While deciding the days or hours, keep these factors to calculate the total time to paint a room.

Final Words

If you have decided to go pro, your room will not take long to paint. However, DIYs take time and lots of patience. We can take one worry away, though, and that is getting the perfect paint. Drop by Kwikze Paint Store to get the best variant at the most affordable prices!