Which Type of Benjamin Moore Paint is The Best? (Pick Your Color Fighter)

Promising a premium finish with a smooth application and performance, Benjamin Moore paints are known for their luxurious selection. Not only do they have different price options to choose from, but they have an intense paint grade system too. Covering standard, premium, and high-end stages, there are so many colors and specifications you can sort through to find the perfect shade.

What are the Different Paint Grades of Benjamin Moore Paints?

In total, Benjamin Moore offers five different interior paint grades. These options vary from their finish to their resistance power, making them all the more alluring. But before you go on and randomly select a tub of paint, let us help you understand what the different types of Benjamin Moore paint mean.

  1. Aura
    Being the most pricey yet high-coverage paint option, aura interior paint is all about luxury. With a thick viscosity to it, aura offers full coverage with minimal drip. The rich formula makes for an excellent splatter-prof product. Not to mention, since it has a primer mixed into it, you don't have to worry about taking that additional step.

    Plus, thanks to the Genex colors technology, aura paints are highly resistant to fading. They come with UV protection, which keeps the pigment looking fresh for years. You can even pick the finish of your choice, such as Eggshell, Matt, Satin, or Semigloss.
  2. Regal Select
    Benjamin Moore regal select paint comes under the mid-range price tag. It, too, has a primer base mixed into the solution, making it all the more convenient. Plus, with its incredible stain-release technology, cleaning the paint is super easy and manageable. This is why regal select paint can be a brilliant option for kitchens, nurseries, store rooms, and any other place that might need frequent cleaning.

    Given how convenient it is and how many benefits it offers, regal select is a fantastic choice if you want to minimize the price tag but are still looking for a high-end paint job.
  3. Aura Bath & Spa
    Aura Bath & Spa paint is a special edition product made especially for hot and humid environments. It's resistant to mildew, which is why it comes in a beautiful matte finish with a low VOC.

    Moreover, Aura bath & spa is the perfect solution for small or compact spaces, like a bathroom or a laundry room. You don't even need a lot of paint! With just a few brush swipes, your walls will be well-covered from top to bottom.
  4. Ben
    Ben interior paint is a true package. It's affordable and offers wonderful results, making it the best choice for beginners or those just getting into the world of painting. Although it is a bit thinner in consistency, it's still splatterproof, meaning you won't be left with droplets of paint flying around everywhere. In fact, thanks to its quick drying time, you can speed up your painting process and be done way faster.
  5. Advance
    With a water-based formula that provides good coverage, Benjamin Moore Advance Paint is a stain-resistant premium option. In addition, it comes in matte, satin, high gloss, and semi-gloss finish, so you can choose whatever fits your furniture and walls the best.

Which Type of Benjamin Moore Paint is The Best?

When it comes to nominating the best type of Benjamin Moore paint, there's a lot to go through since each paint option has a distinct set of features. Sure they all have a low amount of VOC and are mostly blended with a primer. But narrowing it down to simply one paint can be a little tricky. However, Benjamin Moore Regal Select Paint and Benjamin Moore Aura Paint are two of the best interior paint grades out there.

Hold Your Brushes!

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